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s at Bures and Lt Cornard


Little Cornard

This battery was at first manned by soldiers from territorial, Royal Engineers, and later by specially trained conscripts who were unfit for overseas service.
lt appears that the three lights in our battery were sited thus, one near ‘Warners Bungalow’ Slough Lane, one behind the ‘One Bell Pub’ and the other nearer Newton. The light in Slough Lane was probably the one hit by a German bomb in 1940, resulting in the loss of the light and three lorries damaged.
Some time after this the battery was based in the field behind the ‘One Bell Pub?

Red :- Behind One Bell PH
Green :- Spout Lane

Blue:- Dunsteads

Note:- the locations are only approximations

Text courtesy of Eileen King, LC Recorder


As far as I am aware, we had only two searchlights in the village

(1) This was located aalong the Sudbury Road, near ‘Dunsteads’ - no other details known
See map above

(2) This was located along the Colne Road at the junction with the Pebmarsh junction.

Both Quark and 'Norfolk Bill' became well known to the various military personal stationed in the area. Both the US servicemen in Nurses Wood and the Army personal manning the searchlight hut on Colne Road were often seen attempting to ride Quark's trike although invariably they would fall off.
On many an evening,Quark would walk the few hundred
yards down the lane to the searchlight hut, not just for the company but also for the warmth from the lamp and the serviceman's fire.

DAWS CROSS Searchlight



This site is clearly visible beside the Daws Cross to Countess Cross road.
In front of the dilapidated shed (photo 2003) a square concrete base still exists, no doubt this is where the searchlight was mounted.

This had nothing whatsoever to do with the Dispersal site but a routine RAF searchlight looking for enemy aircraft.