©Lufwaffe Bombing Raid over Bures, November 6th 1940


nayland rd

During the night of 6th November 1940, a large number of bombs were dropped from German aircraft, one landing in Nayland Rd and the others across the fields to the Colchester Rd and leaving four numerous large craters.

The Nayland Rd explosion caused a hole the full width of the road and some 9 - 12 ft deep.

The bomb made a direct hit on one of the council houses, the resulting carnage killed four members of the Willingham family and injuring many others.

Both Mr & Mrs Willingham were killed together with 90 year old, Mrs Willinghams mother and Florie Eldred.
Florie Eldred was found in the field opposite, blown there by the blast


Other members of the family fortunately were not at home.
Emma Kate Willingham (b 1903 dau, aged 36)
Edith Mary Willingham (b 1902 dau, aged 34)
Eva Ellen Willingham (b 1910 dau, aged 29)
Albert George Willingham (b 1912 son, aged 27)
Doris (b 1920 dau, aged 19) Doris married Charles Green in 1955 and moved to West Bergholt.


The photographs above clearly show the crater in the middle of Nayland Road together with the demolished house in the background.
Today these houses have been rebuilt as No`s 29/30 Nayland Rd.

The German bomber continued his run, dropping bombs across the Recreation Ground and finally demolishing a bungalow along Colchester Rd


Left:- Suffolk Free Press November 14th 1940

This was published 7 days after the event, as the Free Press
is only distributed weekly.






Mr Creek, Wardens Report
Mr Creek, Wardens Report
First Aid Report

CLICK HERE for copy of Insurance Claim by the householders (This is a large file, so be patient)

From a report received from Stephen Barr, who lived along the Colchester Road, he seems to think the main target was the factory.
At the time, lights were seen emanating from the windows with no blackout precautions taken.





Obituary taken from the
"Suffolk Gazette and Eastern Counties Advertiser"

Plaque in St Mary`s Church
Memorial in Bures cemetery
January 2016

The property in the red brick was constructed during the mid 1940`s as a replacement for the Willinghams.

The properties to the left and right are the original council house design built during the 1930`s.

Courtesy of Suffolk Free Press & Mrs Mavis Sadler, Colchester.
also Fred Staples and Nigel Drake
Stephen Barr, Wiltshire
Suffolk Records Office
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