War Memorial Extension
1939 - 1945
This page commemorates the brave soldiers and residents of Bures
who lost their lives during WW11

A circular to all the UK Parish Councils published by the War Memorials Advisory Committee
suggested how those who had lost their lives in the Second World War might be commemorated.
In March 1947 urged on by the local branch of the British Legion, the Parish Council was asked to initiate steps to commemorate out lost soldiers
After much debate it was agreed that the cost of engraving the names on the War Memorial should paid for by money raised by public donations

It was nearly five months before a a sub-committee consisting of Mr. Creek. Mr. Barrie Deaves,
Mr. Stanley Deaves, Mr. Webber and Mr. Drake, was appointed to obtain estimates for the addition of the names and for the necessary repairs.
It took another four months, for the sub-committee to propose that two new tablets be provided, one to list the names of those who died on active service and one to bear the names of those who were killed in the village as a result of enemy action.

Mr. Barrie Deaves, the local builder, had estimated the sum of £11/55d for taking down and
replacing firmly the old memorial, cleaning and painting the railings and putting down a concrete plinth for the new tablets
Watts Stonemasons of Colchester quoted £16/10d. for supplying and fixing the tablets plus 10/- per dozen letters to be cut.
The sub-committee accepted these estimates and the next task was to raise the necessary
funds to cover the cost of this work.

Four months later, only £29/5/5. had been collected against expenses of over £40 and
so a second appeal was mounted.
Even so, five months afterwards, only £36/9/5. had been collected, leading to a deficit of £6/7/1

Realising that the full amount of £40 was unlikely to be raised, both St Mary and Hamlet Parish Councils agreed to cover any losses incurred.
With the necessary funding in place the work was authorised with Mr Barrie Deaves and Watts the stonemasons at Colchester

The British Legion were authorised to supervise the unveiling of the new plaques, which should form part of a church thanksgiving service.
It was unveiled by the British Legion on Sunday 15th August 1948, the 3rd anniversary of VJ day, supported by the Parish Councils and other interested parties

Ref:- Official notes taken by Mr Creek

On the 4th December 2001, the Secretary of State for Culture granted the memorial
Grade 2 listed building status.




Unveiling of the new tablets on 15th August 1948
Left to right:
Dr Dansey Smith, unknown, Sidney Gee and the Rev Stephenson


Acknowledgement to Bill Snelling, Katherine King and Jenny Wright